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Makershuis Tilburg: Sarah Prescimone

Sugar Free

zaterdag 25 augustusAanvang: 20:00Dans
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Sugar Free


Makershuis Tilburg: Sarah Prescimone Sugar Free

Location: Jan Aartestraat 86, Tilburg
Tickets are available at location, cash payment. 

Sugar free
 is based on the initial thoughts of artist Rene Donders while shaping his artwork Onderhuids for Kunstenbomen in Oisterwijk. De Hondsberg, a boarding school full with damaged life stories of children, was Donders research location. 

The biggest source of inspiration are people. Their strong, fragile, brutal, soft, devastating and caring traits. The drive to survive is our common ground. Within Onderhuids we feel the scars gained in a lifetime, always visible. Unable to polish them away, we learn how to deal with them.

The duet Sugar Free is choreographed by maker Sarah Prescimone and performed by Fontys alumna Suzan Stouthart and student Lea Emilia Christensen. Prescimone’s work is characterized by embodied extremities that occur in the physical and emotional body. Her main interest is the body in crisis, where she navigates through delicate memories, repressed sensations and absurd images. In order to shape a transformative journey for both the dancers and the witnesses, she uses methods of inner and outwards forces and discoveries lend by butoh and urban.

‘I don’t need sugar in my tea and I don’t want sugar in my coffee... During my childhood I never brought my sugar coat with me outside. Instead, I fully glazed my body.'

Entree € 8,00, VorstVrijpas niet geldig

This performance is on location at Jan Aartestraat 86, Tilburg
No ticket sales on location. Buy your tickets in advance online or at the box office.

Photo: Jeroen Putmans